IVAR Bathroom Space Saver over toilet for renters

Materials: IVAR side units, IVAR shelf, OBSERVATOR cross-braces, LENDA fabric, push-pins, hammer, screwdriver

Description: Having quite small bathroom, without space for closet or an opportunity to replace any furniture, since we are renting, we have to be creative. There are many space-savers for bathroom on the market but most of them quite ugly and/or expensive ($100 easily).

We needed nice-looking closed storage with open access to the only power outlet which is place right above the toilet.

+ 2 IVAR side units x $20/each
+ 4 IVAR shelves x $5/each
+ 2 OBSERVATOR cross-braces (just to be safe since I couldn’t make a shelf on the bottom) x $5/each
+ 1 yard of LENDA fabric x $5.99
+ 2 dozens of push-pins x $3

BUDGET: $80 TIMING: 2 hrs

I built a tower with cross-braces, mounted shelves everywhere except bottom, covered side part with fabric and made a curtain to cover it all from the front side. Easy-peasy but very pretty looking if you are into Scandinavian design.

~ Natasha, NYC