5 fresh laundry room ideas for front loading washer

ikea laundry cabinet front loader

Organization and storage ideas for a small laundry room.

Over at our IKEA Hackers Facebook Group, Sara asks, “I have a small space where I put my front loading washing machine but wanted to improve the space to have it more organized. I thought of using kitchen furniture but the normal fit in washing machine cabinet is too small. What do you suggest?”

Photo: Sara Oliveira

Hi Sara,

IKEA has many organization options for the laundry room. You’ll be able to create an organized and functional laundry room quite easily. Let’s take a look at what we can do.

#1 Flexible laundry room organization system

IKEA recommends the BOAXEL system for the laundry room. The wall mounted BOAXEL laundry combination is ideal with a drying rack and adjustable shelves. Best thing, you’re not constrained by the size of a cabinet. Vertical space above the machine can be used effectively. Store items in crates or boxes for a neater finish.

ikea laundry room organization

Photo: IKEA.com

Also easily expandable if you want to organize the space next to your machine.

ikea laundry room organization

Photo: IKEA.com

#2 A modular system

IKEA recently rolled out a new modular storage system called ENHET. The ENHET is still pretty much under the radar but I’m already in love with it. IKEA positioned it for use in the kitchen or bathroom. But as far as I’m concerned it can go in every corner of the home.

I think this beautiful combination with open shelving and closed storage is perfect for your laundry corner. What do you think?


Photo: IKEA.com

#3 Kitchen Cabinets for the laundry room

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets is a popular solution for laundry rooms. And with good reason. Highly flexible, with open or closed storage, solid or glass doors.

I used the IKEA Kitchen Planner and came up with two possible designs for you. Do poke around the planner and come up with the design of your dreams.

For Design 1, I picked a High Cabinet Frame (40x60x200 cm) with an UTRUSTA pull-out cleaning tool storage. It’s optional and you can replace this with shelves or drawers.

In the space above the machine, I chose two wall cabinet frames (80x37x60 cm), stacked. I left the bottom cabinet frame doorless to give the feel of open shelving. To further personalise it, consider wallpapering the back of the open cabinet to add your signature style. I wrapped all the sides of the kitchen cabinet frames with cover panels for a seamless finish.

metod laundry room organization for front loader

For Design 2, I opted for a simpler, lighter style. Use a butcher block to create a waterfall countertop. It will stretch across the base kitchen drawer unit (40x60x80 cm), over the washing machine and then down the sides of the machine. (Alternatively, use legs.) Adjust the length of the countertop to fit your machine. The countertop would be useful for sorting out and folding up laundry.

Above the machine, I went with 2 horizontal cabinet frames (60x37x80 cm) and glass doors. Next to it is a 40x37x80 cm frame with solid door.

metod laundry room organization for front loader

Finish with doors and knobs in the style you prefer. I love this solution for classy laundry room organization.

#4 The new NYSJÖN

Unfortunately the NYSJÖN laundry combination is not widely available. But it’s a neat and easy solution especially when you don’t want to make holes in the wall. Just slot the NYSJÖN above the machine. I do recommend securing it to the wall, as a top heavy cabinet may topple.

NYSJON combination

Photo: IKEA.com

The DYNAN Open Storage works in a similar way. But the shelves are not as deep (and appear a lot more wobbly), so may not fully optimise the vertical space.

#5 Use the trusty IVAR

Is there anything the IVAR can’t do? Here’s what Jake did with the IVAR.

You can trim the 80cm long shelves down to fit your machine like Jake. You’ll need to use screws to attach them to the IVAR side units, if you cut off the mounting fixture.


Photo: Jake Lee

For a basic unit, all you need is two 50cm side units and some 80cm shelves. The OBSERVATÖR cross brace will help stabilize the unit.

Personally, I’ll omit the cutting and keep the shelves at 80cm. Then, set the machine flush against the left (or right) side post. In the approx. 20cm gap next to the machine, I’ll slot in a handy VESKEN trolley. At the top, I’ll use the woven cane doors to close it up. Detergent bottles are not the prettiest.

cane doors

Photo: IKEA.com

Hope these 5 laundry room ideas have inspired you to work on your space. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Happy hacking,