Loft Bed/Workstation

Materials: MATERIALS: FJELLDAL Loft Bed, VIKA KAJ Table Leg, Solid Birch Door, slim pine board. TOOLS: Table saw, handsaw, wood screws, a few small nails

Description: I did this like 4 years ago and didn’t realize this wonderful site even existed. Anyhow, it was really simple and cheap so I thought I’d dig up some photos and share it.

We wanted a small wokstation in my son’s room, and this seemed like a no-brainer.

I went to the lumber store looking for some kind of countertop – everything was coming in > $200 – so I ended up coming home with a $65 solid-core birch door – which fit perfectly and matched the birch finish on the bed. Ripped the door to my desired width (I chose a pretty slim 20″) on my neighbor’s table saw, and cut out the corners with a handsaw. I tacked a small piece of pine that was about 1/4″ wider than the desktop width to the backside of the desktop (you know, to keep things from rolling off). A little sanding, and a clearcoat finish on it and it was done.

I added the table leg to prevent warping, although I think it was probably total overkill.

Bonus: I ripped another 6″ wide section of the door, finished it, and attached it along the bottom with a few wood screws for an attractive cord-hider – turned out very clean.

~ John, San Francisco