Race Car bed

Materials: Fjellse full size bed frame

Description: My 3 year old son wanted a race car bed, but we needed at least a full size for his large bedroom. I also did not want a plastic car bed. I purchsed the Ikea Fjellse bed frame then drew a race car side which I scanned to my computer and printed at Kinkos in a blown up size.

This served as the template for the sides of the bed. We then cut 2 pieces of birch plywood to match the template. Bolted everything to each side of the assembled bed frame and then added a couple of boards in the front of the bed to look like a hood. Then came the painting. Lots of red. Details were drawn in black. We later added another piece of plywood painted in black to the headboard. (not shown in pics). Saved a ton of money and he loves his custom full size race car bed!

~ Ely, Florida

Jules Yap