RAST Nightstand Speaker Stands

Materials: 2 RAST Nightstands, 16 spikes, Drill, Stain of your choice

I refurbished a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beovox M70 loudspeakers from the 1970’s and needed a pair of speaker stands. I went to my local IKEA for the express purpose of finding something to convert into speaker stands and found the RAST Nightstand, an unfinished pine mini-shelf about a foot tall. Perfect.

After assembling the RASTs per the instructions, I placed 4 spikes on the bottoms and 4 spikes on the tops. I then used some red mahogany stain to get a close match to the finish of the M70 speakers.

You can see in the final photo what the hacked RAST nightstands look like with the M70s. Next up will be a hack to replace the table the receiver and turntable are on.

~ Rich, Orlando, Florida, USA