Rustic Klubbo

Klubbo coffee table (the frame)
Some 2x4s
Wood stain of your choosing
Home Depot employee to cut your wood
Metal straps/something to attach all strips of wood
Upper body strength, or someone with it

Ikea klubbo coffee table. You’re cute, but can do better.

First step… get wood. Har har. For this you’ll need to end up with 7 pieces of 2x4s, each 97 cm long. We wanted the new top for our coffee table to be flush with the shorter sides, but have just a tiny bit of an overhang on the vertical sides. But you can play around with this a ton… just measure the size of the frame so you know what you’re working with. I took all the wood outside to sand everything down, wipe everything with a damp cloth, and apply the stain. I used Minwax “English Chestnut”. It smells gross and feels gross too. Yuckfest 2011.

Once everything had 1 coat of stain, I let them dry outside for 3 hours. Then I took a few pieces of them inside, just to see how I felt about the shade under my living room light. Momma like.

This is the part where you find someone else to do the rest of the boring labor for you with zero pay (slave). My boyfriend unscrewed the old top off the ikea table in about 3 seconds. Even a sloth could do it. (We actually ended up using the old table top to work on, as to not muck up our floors). After I let the wood dry for like 14 hours, I took it all inside and lined it up just PERFECT. Next, my boyfriend flipped everything over and centered the frame on top. The wood was not cut totally awesome, so not eeeeeeverything lines up perfectly, but life sucks and I’ve learned to love this and call it “character”.

Making sure all boards were sitting snugly together in perfection, my boyfriend started drilling the frame down. Then this is where things get ghetto fabulous. I am not sure if this was ideal… but we just took an old piece of spare wood and hammered it down diagonally along everything. It’s just a coffee table…. all it holds up are our feet…

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~ Sarah, Toronto Canada