Table lamp from Birch

Materials: 3x GRUNDTAL halogen lamp and 2x DEKA cable

I went to the forest to get myself a nice looking birch tree. After cutting it down, I took 1,70 meter from it and let it dry for 6 months.

After this, the outside of the birch tree was dry, but the inside was not yet. I then cut the tree trunk in half. From one end to the other, so I had two half tree trunks of 1,70 meter each.

Those two trunks I bound together but with some wooden bars in between them to create some space for air. This combination I have dried for 1 year. If you do not do it this way, the tree trunk WILL twist and turn and will not stay straight.

The rest of the process just took me a half day.

I took one half of the tree trunk. Cut out the inside of the trunk exactly the size of the Grundtal lamps. I then adjusted the electricity wires to go through the top of the lamp. Added the Deka cables and tested the lights. Worked.

Last I hung it above the dining table and got is straight… That was a bit of tiny measuring. But it worked out fine.

Good luck if you can handle the waiting…

~ HJ Geel, Utrecht, the Netherlands