Tack-y Rast Dresser

Materials: Ikea Rast Dresser, Paint & Tacks

Description: After we assembled the Rast, we used 100 grit sand paper to sand over it lightly.

I used an oil based primer to cover the whole dresser. Don’t forget to paint the inside strip, because part of it will show when the drawers are in. If you feel that the wood is too rough after you primed it, you can use sand paper to sand it lightly. ( I didn’t sand the Rast in the beginning and found it quite rough, but then I used 100 grit sand paper and it made a huge difference.)

After that, I painted it with some leftover white paint. I did about 4 coats, but that depends on how much you want to cover the grain of the wood.

Picked a design and printed it. Cut out a pattern. Lightly drew the pattern onto the wood with a pencil.

Start hammering the tacks in. You might want to use something for your ears. It can get loud.

See more of the Rast drawer.

~ Beatrice