Un-breakable Tiered Server

Materials: ÅRYD + 3 Melamine plates or bowls

Here at the shop, we have rowdy and excited dogs wanting to get at the bakery treats, so we try to get serving dishes that won’t break easily. I couldn’t find a nice tiered display that wasn’t glass or ceramic, so I made one.

You will need: 3 plates or bowls, 2 ÅRYD candlesticks, epoxy glue.

1. Get any three plates or bowls. I chose melamine plates and a small bowl in ascending sizes.

2. Cut the top and bottom 1 inch off of one ÅRYD. This makes it smaller so it looks better between the top two tiers. Be careful because the tops of the ÅRYD have metal cups that hold the candle.

3. Using super strong epoxy, glue the full ÅRYD to the center of the largest plate or bowl.

4. Glue the next plate or bowl on top of the full ÅRYD.

5. Glue the cut ÅRYD onto the center of the second tier.

6. Glue the third bowl or plate on the top of the cut ÅRYD.

See more of the unbreakable tiered server.

~ Alan, 6498 Gulf Blvd 33706