Wall Mushroom Lamps

Materials: 3x Hemma + Shades, cork coaster, screws, electrical tape,

Description: I’ve seen these lamps, three in a row, at a friend’s desk, and I liked it so much that I wanted to have them in my apartment.
However, I did not need a desk light, but new lights at the corner of the sofa.
So I crafted the following:

1) Remove the small rubber things under the bases.
2) Gouge holes in the lamp bases.
3) Cut the cables on the appropriate positions and connect the wires in the right way, so that there is only one switch to light all three lamps at once.
4) before I screw the lamps on the rack, I put small pieces of cork coaster between them and the rack, so they “stand” even.

~ Sarah Berger, Linz, Austria