Corner closet meets skillful husband

Ikea corner closet modified to fit beam

Materials: IKEA CLOSET CORNER UNIT; saw, drill, level, nails, hammer, etc…

Description: After knowing we are expecting a second baby boy and since our 3 years old is still in the crib (ops!!!); we decided that was time to plan a new bedroom for the oldest, living the nursery room to the youngest. After some indecisions and since they are two boys in the future they will share the same room.

With this plan we start looking for the best solution to furnish the room with all the items needed for 2 boys (A closet – the room has already one, but totally full of other things; Two beds; Two bedsides tables; Two etc)

The best solution to have it all, was to put the closet into the corner, perfect IKEA as closet solution for corners! The problem was that the corner as a beam that does not allow the closet to perfectly fit the space; solution: a very skillful husband that decided to customized the closet to fit perfectly into the corner.

For the same room we also bought the ODDA beds but the black drawers, but did not fit the room design, so the drawers were painted in orange fitting perfectly into the room.

~ Marcia Silva, Lisbon, Portugal

Jules Yap