Decorated Ikea Malma frames

Materials: Malma 10″ Mirror frame

Firstly, I painted them white using acrylic paints. I covered the entire front surface with a strong double sided tape. I punched out literally hundreds of 1cm squares choosing the colours carefully. I foiled my own papers for my mosaic mirrors using various pearl, holographic and pale coloured foils.

I only worked on a one strip of tape peeled back at a time sticking each square on carefully and leaving equal gaps inbetween them. Once I finished covering all the frame I sprinkled white glitter to fill in as the ‘grout’ and to complete them I stuck pretty sequins around the mirror itself.

I cut pieces of embossed wallpaper and stuck them to the frames, then I painted them a few times with acrylic paints giving a good covering., then I used a hot foiling pen to apply some beautiful puple foil in the plain areas. I added sequins and gems just to glam them up a bit too.

See more of the mosaic Malma frames and wallpapered Malma.

~ Sylvie