Hacked Bench For Little Girls Room

LACK bench for girls room

Materials: Lack shelving unit, 4 caster wheels from Ikea, 72 of thick foam x 17 wide, backing material 2.25yds, upholstery material 2.25yds, exacto knife, heavy glue, staple Gun, 1/2 thick ply wood

Description: I wanted to create a reading nook for my daughter’s room based off of the very affordable lack shelving unit.

Step 1: Purchase and assemble lack shelving unit with the caster wheels.

Step 2: Purchase a 1/2 thick piece of ply wood and have it cut to size. I did 72x17w so that I had a bit of an overhang from the 15 width of the lack shelving.

Step 3: Get your foam and cut it with an exacto knife to the same measurements as your ply wood.

Step 4: Glue your foam to your ply wood to prevent it from moving around.

Step 5: Take your backing material and wrap it around your foam to the backside of the ply wood and staple it to the ply wood. Trim excess fabric. This smooths out the cushion and gives it a nice clean shape.

Step 6: Take your upholstery fabric and wrap that around the backing and again staple it to the back of your bench.

Step 7: Place cushion on top of lack shelving unit. The weight keeps it in place but it can be additionally secured with strips of Velcro placed on both the lack shelving and the ply wood bottom of the cushion.

Step 8: Style your bench with throw pillows and books and smile while your daughter enjoys her new reading nook.

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~ thecubaninmycoffee, Miami, FL

Jules Yap