IKEA Lack TV Hack

Materials: IKEA Lack TV stand, IKEA Lack End Table

My HTPC (Home Theater computer) was to big to fit inside the Lack TV stand, so I had to make the shelf height a little taller. I bought a Lack end table and used the legs as supports for the top of the TV stand. All I did was take the four legs, tape them together, measure the height I wanted from the end that is supposed to attach to the end table top, and cut them as a whole with a hack saw.

I then took the steel pegs that are meant to hold the sides of the TV stand on, and placed them in the holes of the newly cut legs. The legs are secure to the bottom of the TV stand via the holes originally meant for the flat side pieces. The top of the TV stand simply rests on the four “legs” but you could easily use a little glue if need be. As a little extra I screwed two wire raceways onto the back of the TV stand to organize the cables from all my gear.

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~ Sean Coyne, Ohio, USA