IKEA Tradig: more than a fruit bowl

Ikea fruit bowl for succulents

Materials: IKEA Tradig bowl

Description: The IKEA Tradig is a perfect fruit bowl and it also makes an excellent planter. All you need is the bowl, a coconut shell liner made for hanging baskets, soil, and some plants.

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ikea%2Btradig%2Bcoconut%2Bshell%2Bcut 742920

When I could not find a coconut shell liner small enough to fit, I cut a couple of inches off the smallest size I could get at the garden center. I started out simple with just some dwarf papyrus and then spruced it up with a few hens & chicks and other small succulents. So far the Tradig is holding up nicely outdoors in the Midwest. My plants are thriving!

dwarf%2Bpapyrus%2Bplanting%2B1 745079
wire basket fruit bowl turned planter

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~ Beth @ HousePet, Indiana

Jules Yap