Kitchen unit goes stylish livingroom storage/shelving unit

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Materials: 6 ikea Faktum/Akurum wall cabinet with applad white door

Description: I had been looking for a wall mounted storage en shelving solution for a long time but couldn’t find anything affordable which would also hold binders. On a stroll through ikea for one of my clients I ended up in the kitchen area where I found the perfect solution for home and for the office of my client!

First I tried it at home with 6 ikea Factum/Akurum wall cabinets with applad white doors I mounted (well actually my husband) the top 4 the usual way and the bottom 2 with the door upside down. As much space between them as the height of the cabinets.

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It turned out to be the perfect solution as it provides a lot of storage and a nice shelving unit to display accessories and books.

So I bought the same amount of wall cabinets for the new office interior of a real estate agent this time 3 normal and 3 upside down.

Happy family and happy real estate agent!

~ Nicolet Groen-Gras Vormgeving, Netherlands

Jules Yap