Kvartal Shower Curtain for Dormered Bathroom

Materials: 2 Ikea Kvartal Corner fixtures, 2 Kvartal Wall hardware, 1 Kvartal rod, 1 DEKA Curtain wire, Saltgrund Shower curtain, Riktig hooks and gliders

Description: I used the great Ikea Kvartal 3 track system to solve the difficult problem of putting a shower enclosure in a dormered bathroom.

First I installed a waterproof granite wall and shower panel on the side of the tub. Then I used 2 Kvartal corner fixtures joined by a 3 inch section of Kvartal rod and a 12 inch section at one end. The hardware mount on one side was just turned to the end to mount on granite.

The other side needed more modification: the angle of the bracket was sawn off and the straight piece was drilled into a block which in turn was screwed into the roof truss. The hole was then patched, re-drywalled and painted. The midpoint used Deka curtain wire hardware and a short piece of the cable to stabilize the whole rail. The result is a super-strong curtain system that glides around and creates a pretty roomy shower in the tub.

One important thing I learned from joining so many pieces of Kvartal rod together is that the glider hooks will bind annoyingly if you don’t use a fine metal file to flare out the tracks where they mate to each other.

~ Greg Schilhab, Canada