LACK table lamp

Materials: 2 x Ikea lack tables, drill, led tape,

I have to remove my current ceiling lamp because it block out TV projector. I need something flat. Because using sheetrock makes a lot of dust I didn’t use them.

I found Ikea lack table would be great stuff to put on the ceiling 🙂

Here are step by step instructions:

I used one 55×55 Lack table as a base, and 78×78 as the visible part.

1. Set up small table over the big one. Please make sure it is centered. Glue them together.

2. Make 4 holes for GU10 frames (or more if you want), but those 4 are needed to mount lamp to the ceiling. You need to make them in both tables

Make one hole on the center of the top table – this will be the place to connect all cables to the ceiling wires.

3. I put up led RGB tape to make some light while watching tv on the projected screen, this light is very delicate, ideal to see eg bottle of beer 🙂

4. Put some metal bindings inside the top tables (smaller one), look into the pictures.

5. Make internal connections, just drop out some paper from inside – this can be done using some long knife.

6. Screw whole table to the ceiling and connect it. I screw the 2 long screws to the first metal binding, so the lamp was curved a little bit from the ceiling allowing me make connections.

7. Because Lack furniture are not painted but there is foil on them they are not white enough. I painted it using same paint used for ceiling.

See more photos of the Lack lamp.

~ wiking, Poland

Jules Yap