Maskros XL

Materials: Maskros, Plain white paper coffee cups, Glue gun

Description: Looking for a reasonably priced pendant lamp for a restaurant in Sarajevo, we stumbled across the Maskros. Actually, we already had one hanging in our office but we sort of needed to re-discover it as a candidate for this project.

The Maskros lamp is an excellent space filler due to its sheer size, but it also provides interesting shadow plays and helps to define the room even outside of its own physical sphere.

For this project though, we needed an even bigger lamp with the same characteristics. What we had to do was to increase the radius of the lamp. However we still wanted to preserve the translucency of the original lamp.

After trying out several ideas we decided to keep it as simple as possible. By using plain white paper cups, we managed to maintain translucency and still increase the radius of the lamp by about 1/3. The result was a spectacular pendant with crisp clean looks and only added a couple of euros to the original product.

Building it is straightforward. Instead of mounting the thin leaves that ships with the light, use the same mount and add a little glue from a glue gun and attach the bottom of a paper cup to the glue. Then assemble the lamp and enjoy!

Paper cups can be found in most bigger supermarkets or office supply stores.

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~ Emir Salkic, Dino Eminagic, normal arhitektura, Sarajevo, BiH

Jules Yap