Oleby airing your clothes

Materials: Oleby shoe rack, wood glue, saw, small clamps

Description: I decided that I wanted to create a simple set of shelves to air my clothes in the boiler cupboard. Suitably polished wood of the right size size is surprisingly expensive so I decided to take the IKEA Hacker route and bash a flatpack into my designs. Here’s how:

1) Purchase 1 Oleby pack for each shelf you wish to create
2) Open 1 pack at a time

3) Cut through the support dowels 2 bars from one end, remove these bars and down portions – these will be used as the shelf supports
4) Place the two shelf portions wide edge together and glue the two removed bars at 90 degrees to secure the shelf together
5) Turn the legs upside down and trim the base to achieve the desired height
6) Slide the legs onto the shelf and place in the desired position

7) repeat steps 3 – 6 for each shelf, gluing the legs in position above the previous ones

Note that due to poor tolerances and large difference in the position of each bar it may be necessary to enlarge the gap in the legs to better position a straight upright

See more of the Oleby airing rack.

~ Andrew Williams

Jules Yap