Socker Solar Lanterns

Materials: Ikea SOCKER Plant pot, Solar-Powered LED Path Light, String

Description: I wanted solar lights on my balcony but didn’t want to shove the standard path lights into my small planter boxes, so I figured I’d make a hanging solution.

First, pull off the plastic stake part of the solar path light, leaving just the top solar panel and clear light diffuser.

Using a large hole saw bit, I cut a hole in the bottom of the 4 3/4″ SOCKER pot. That hole still wasn’t large enough to drop the solar light in, so I pounded around the edge with a hammer to open it up more. This also helped get rid of the jagged metal edges. Hit the edges until the lights will easily drop into the hole and not wiggle about.

Using a nail, I then punched 3 (mostly) evenly-spaced holes around the edge, inserted the hanging strings, tied a knot on the inside and then joined them into a loop at the top. I think it’s easier to do this before the light has been glued in.

Then I ran a thick line of glue around the hole and dropped the solar light in. Let the glue dry then hang the lanterns where they’ll get decent sun exposure. Simple and inexpensive hanging accent lights!

~ Walter, New Jersey