Bathroom Reno

Materials: Akurum, Lagan, Stave

Description: Not a new hack, but something I did to two of my bathrooms to take advantage of Ikea’s recent kitchen sale. My kitchen was also being remodeled and I scored 20% off my entire kitchen order. So I ordered two of the largest Akurum Top refrigerator cabinets, Akurum legs, the super cheap Lagan countertop, and Metrik hardware. I was lucky with my space and did not have to cut the the cabinets down to size. In my other bath (not pictured) I had to cut the backs of the cabinet to make it less deep that the typical 24″ it comes out from the wall. I did, however, have a few inches on each side that I had to fill with a sliver of toe kick (see pic). I had extra toe kick leftover from the kitchen remodel and just used that. So all in all, I treated the installation of these wall cabinets, as if they were floor cabinets.

The Lagan countertop was sanded initially and then treated with at least 6 thin coats of Waterlox. I rubbed in each Waterlox coat in with a clean dust free rag. In between coats I sanded lightly with a 320ish grit sandpaper and wiped them down with a tackcloth. I found that rubbing in the Waterlox yielded a much better finish than using a paintbrush. The sink, faucet are from and were very inexpensive compared to other big box stores. The mosaic tile backsplash were leftover from the shower (from Lowes). Lastly, the mirrors are Stave from Ikea and were added since they match the cabinetry so well and were so affordable at $30 each. Overall it was about $650 in materials for the cabinets, sinks, drains, faucets, counter, and mirrors. It is a huge difference from what was there before!

~ Lemurific, Cleveland, Ohio