Castle Bed

Materials: KURA bed, MDF

Description: Inspired by an idea I saw on this blog, in addition to my own ideas, I came up with this exciting bed for my son who’s into knights and castles.

We bought the KURA bed and cut out sections of MDF to create a facade that would be mounted onto the KURA frame. My dad and I used a sabre saw to cut battlements and a window on one side. We glued an extra thickness of MDF on top for the battlements to create a relief effect and to strengthen the area against inevitable rough “boy play”. We painted the bed and the mdf a dark grey and sponged a light grey over the top to create a stone effect. I liked the lighter color on the battlements to make them stand out.

A third thickness of mdf was added to the top of each tower to allow us to drill a hole that would hold the flags I bought online.

We made the front piece hang down about an inch from the bottom of the KURA bed to allow a surface to attach the curtain rod to. My mom, who owns an embroidery business sewed and embroidered the curtain. The moon and star lamps were a fun addition to the play space below, since it’s a little dark underneath.

It was a lot of work, but the look on Lawson’s face when he walked into that room was priceless!

~ Casey, McKinney, Texas