Expedit Breakfast bar / Desk


Materials: One 2×4 EXPEDIT, One VIKA AMON 59″ Table, 6 of 1.5″ L-brackets
Description: The goal for this project was originally to create a new computer desk for the apartment using the “Wall of EXPEDIT” hack. However, after putting the VIKA AMON table on top of the EXPEDIT we figured that the table was just too big for a lonely iMac. Since we have a sunken living room we figured why not just center the table on the EXPEDIT to create a breakfast bar on one side and desk on the other, essentially doubling the usable space. This new bar/desk also makes for easy entertaining when we have visitors.

1) Put the 2×4 EXPEDIT together
2) Mark the center line of the VIKA AMON table
3) Center VIKA AMON table on top of EXPEDIT
4) Place 3 L-Brackets on each side and drill pilot holes
5) Screw and secure the 6 L-Brackets

~ M and K, NY, NY