Hemnes for the kitchen

HEMNES%2BAdd on unit%2Bfor%2Bsecretary%2Bwhite%2B160%2BDollars%2B19%2BEuro%2Bresized 770657

HEMNES add-on-unit for secretary

Description: My favourite ‘AS IS’ section had the HEMNES add-on-unit for a secretary for 19 Euro!! at IKEA Frankfurt.

We needed a cabinet for you kitchen. So I added feet (wood from construction market), changed the knobs to silver IKEA ones and covered the top (with many holes for cables ecc.) with tiles that I found in the recycling court of our city.

HEMNES%2Btop%2Bwriting%2Bdesk%2B3%2Bresized 774783
HEMNES%2BAdd on unit%2Bfor%2Bsecretary%2Bwhite%2B2%2Bresized 769513

Inside I added some more shelves and painted them with BEHANDLA with.

I love it as it is not too deep for storage.

~ Heiko, Frankfurt/Germany

Jules Yap