Micke Printer Hutch

Materials: Micke Desk, Ekby Jarpen Shelves (x4)

Description: I recently purchased a new printer (HP Officejet 7500A) and discovered that it is the largest electronic in my room. I had my old printer in my Billy bookcase, but my new one is far too large.

I decided since I was not using much of my bookcase that I should replace it with a hutch to house the printer, while reducing my shelf space.

I decided on the small Micke desk for it’s price and style. I have noticed that a lot of hacks don’t attempt to keep the thickness of the materials similar to create a fluid look. I researched online the thickness of the shelves Ikea has available, and I decided on the Ekby Jarpen shelves. They are as close as I can get from Ikea, at 1/8″ too thin.

The rest is simple, I trimmed two shelves to become the top and the shelf of the add-on unit. I kept the two side pieces their original length. (These are the 7″ deep shelves, btw.)

I’m keeping ink and paper in the drawer, I found a home for my ottoman underneath, and I donated my extra books.

Hope you like it! 🙂

~ Paige, Canada