Mosaic Malma Mirror

Materials: Malma Mirror, china marker, Weldbond or other mosaic glue, tweezers, tile nippers (hardware store item), dampened sponge, broken crockery, tiles, glass and nail file

Description: Collect old dishes, tiles and glass. I get them in a thrift store.

Break crockery items them by wrapping them in a towel and hitting them with a hammer.

Plan your design. Keep the focus on line and shape. Contrast of tone and color works well in mosaic.

Draw design on the mirror frame with china marker

Fit shards into place like puzzle pieces. I use tweezers to move the pieces around and fit them in tight spots. If a piece has sharp edges, dull the points with a nail file.

Glue them as you go with a little Weldbond on the back.

Use the sponge to wipe off excess glue–it dulls the surface if you leave it.

If a piece doesn’t quite fit, trim it to shape with the nippers.

See more of the mosaic Malma mirror.

~ Carol Bowen, New York City