Plain Ingo to rustic dining

Materials: Ingo table, sander, stain, paint, hammer, chain, nails/tacks

Description: I bought an unfinished Ingo table from Ikea a couple years ago. I stained it immediately to match the colours in our dining room but lately I have been a little bored with the look and decided to turn the table into something with a bit of character.

1. I taped the edges so that I wouldn’t get paint on the table top.
2. I painted the legs and skirt of the table white.
3. I sanded the table top to get rid of some of the stain to make it look worn. I also sanded the legs and skirt to wear away some paint.

4. I beat the table using a chain and a hammer and then sanded a bit more
5. Then I hammered small tacks into the corners of the legs and the corners of the table top. I also placed some random nails for effect.

6. The last thing I did was add three tacks to the centre of each side for decorative purposes.

This pretty much sums up what I did. I have a couple more pictures on my blog so feel free to check them out!

See more of the rustic Ingo.

~ Jeltje Louw, Canada