Roses in the Light – double hack

Materials: Skurar plant pot and Orgel floor lamp

Description: I had a 9 year old Orgel floor lamp – our wedding present 🙂 – so it was a bit old and yellow and used look. And also it was quite boring, after so many years.

I found the simply nice Skurar pots, and I bought seven of them (both hanging and standing types).

I wanted to use them for lights too, I made holes on the top and the bottom of the pots.
But there was something missing. In that moment I glimpsed some big roses in my neighbours garden and I found; I have to put Roses in the pots.

After I made Moire-roses and fixed them with a fine wire in the pots.

The lamp has amazing, soft light and romantic, feminine feeling!

See more of the rose lamp.

~ KarlaLina, Hungary, Europe

CAUTION: Possible fire hazard. 

Jules Yap