Skurar Pendant lamps

Materials: Skurar pots

Description: I’ve made two pendant lamps of two tin-pots named Skurar. I drilled a hole in the bottom and put a small lampholder with a cord through the hole. Then a connection-box to connect the two cords. But, since the Skurar pots is not tested to use as a lamp, you have to use energy-saving-lamps (CFL?) so it doesn’t get too hot in the tin-pot!

~ Lotta Vesterberg, Linkoping, Sweden


Erik’s version of the Skurar pendant lamp

Description: My mother bought some white Skurar plant pots for her kitchen window and wanted new pendant lamps aswell.

I came up with the idea of turning Skurar plant pots into pendant lamps.

Turn the plant pot upside down, drill a hole at the pot bottom (now top…) and attach a lamp holder with a cable to it – voila! 😉

A very easy way to get matching pots and lamps! 🙂

More pics of the pendants lamps on my blog.

~ Erik Maki, Sweden

Jules Yap