Solar lighted Expedit and Grönö

Materials: Grönö, Expedit, Solvinden garden light, Saw

Description: I would like to have a place to store my vinyls, so I bought an Expedit and wanted to light up it so I bought a Solvinden solar garden light. Solvinden contains 3 lights, you can use them to make soft and economic little spots.

Personally I wanted to “permanently” light up the Grönö lamp and the most interesting shelves of my Expedit.

Using a saw I shortened the lights of the Solvinden, I installed one light directly in the Grönö lamp (remove the plastic cover of the light to make it less “directive”).

Finally I mounted the 2 over light in the back of two shelves to light up the shelves. Unfortunately, this hack can only be used somewhere where you have enough light in the day in order to fill the batteries of the Solvinden.

~ Nicolas Guilbert, Lille, France