Bastis Krona Hack – it’s an ottoman!

Materials: Bastis Krona Pet Bed, 1 yd of material, heavy duty stapler, and that’s it!

Description: I found BK pet bed in the As Is section at Ikea for $5.00. I’ve wanted an ottoman for the longest time and thought the dimensions looked good. There is a piece that comes with the Bastis Krona which you won’t use so just put it aside. It’s the railing which would ordinarily be inserted on the top of the bed.

This hack is super simple:

1. Lay your material on a flat surface and place the bed upside down on it.

2. Starting on one long side staple the material to the wood on the bottom of the bed. First one side and then the opposite. Pull the material tight! Do the same thing with the ends (short sides) of the bed.

3. You may have to trim away excess material so that you can screw the legs into the bottom.

4. Ta da! You have your ottoman! This is my first hack and I think I’m addicted!

Total cost:
Bastis Krona $5
material 6.25
staples on hand
Bringing the cost of this hack to $11.25

~ Maureen, New York