Browning/IKEA .22 Pistol Charging Handle Hack

Materials: one RULL cabinet knob 300.714.30

Description: Older Browning .22 Buckmark pistols are designed in a way that it difficult to rack the slide; it’s skinny and hard to grip, it’s impossible to operate when wearing gloves.

I decided to add an external charging handle to the left side of the slide (lefties want to add it to the right side). The RULL knob (300.714.30) is perfect for this, it’s small and simple.

Disassemble and remove the slide from the pistol.

Mark and drill a hole for a 4mm metric tap. I used a 1/8″ drill bit. After cutting the threads into the hole with the tap (go slow and clean out metal chips a few times), Put a drop of red loctite onto the knob screw, and screw it into the knob until it bottoms out.

Measure how long the protruding screw needs to be, cut to length and deburr. Screw into slide with a drop of Loctite, check to make sure screw is flush with inside wall of slide, reassemble slide onto pistol.

Now you can rack the slide with little effort, even while wearing gloves!

Shoot safely!

~ Jerome, Minneapolis