DIY painted "driftwood" table

rsz bigdriftwood10 733521
rsz bigdriftwood10 733521

Materials: Hemnes coffee table, Milkpaint, brushes, electric sander

Description: I bought a long time ago this HEMNES coffee table from IKEA.
I sanded them a little and got the paint to create a driftwood look.
I had some Milkpaint left from an other project, and started to paint.

I didn’t use so much water for the darker paint and used it like chalk to get the dark spots on the wood.

In the end it looks like this, a nice beachy driftwood look!;)

rsz 1bigdriftwood8 730215
rsz bigdriftwood7 731057
rsz bigdriftwood5 731770
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See more of the driftwood table.

~ Pudel – design, Deutschland

Jules Yap