LACK tables lack creativity

Materials: LACK tables x2, denim fabric, thumb tacks, staple gun. scissors and double sided tape

Description: Initially, I had the wooden LACK table painted and transformed into a BLACK LACK table. But as you can see in the picture, it has started to create big, ugly bubbles and the RED LACK table has started to disintegrate and peel, so I decided to hack them once and for all.

I have this denim fabric for the longest time and also bought some packs of thumbtacks.

To begin with the hack, disassemble the parts and cut the denim fabric according to desired size. Using a staple gun, begin to fasten them in place. Make sure you pull enough denim on all edges and sides before you staple it to make it look flat on top. I used double-sided tape for the legs instead of staple gun. It affixed very well to my surprise.

Finally, I hammered and secured the thumbtacks on the edges. Don’t you think they are match made in heaven? I do.

Display and enjoy!

~ Net Fuentes, Singapore

Jules Yap