Lobbo Floor Lamp

Materials: Lobbo shades, Hemma cord set, metal electrical conduit

Description: I saw a floor lamp at my apartment’s model furniture sale that extended out that I really liked and wanted to make something similar without spending a lot of money. Naturally, I took a trip to my local IKEA!

1 x Lobbo lamp shade 6″
1 x Lobbo lamp shade 12″
1 x Hemma Cord set, white
1 x 1/2″ x 10ft Electric Conduit (metal pipe)
1 x Levitan 15 amp plug
1 x Old Ikea floor lamp weighted base with part of the lamp pole

I assembled both Lobbos then put the 12″ Lobbo over the 6″ Lobbo. Then, I fed the Hemma cord through both and fastened the light bulb end to the 6″ Lobbo. I then cut the original wall plug off and separated about 2 inches of the inner wires.

I bent the conduit pipe around a round weight at a few places starting at 70″ up, being careful not to crimp it. Then I drilled a hole in the conduit a couple feet up from the bottom so I could run the Hemma cord out. Make sure to bore out the hole a little to make it like an oval, otherwise, you won’t be able to pull the cord through.

I ran the Hemma cord through the top and out the hole I drilled then wired the cord to the plug I got from the hardware store. Then I slid the newly completed lamp pole over the old Ikea lamp pole to attach it to the weighted base, and voila!

~ Andy Nam

Jules Yap