Lyngdal livingroom storage

Materials: Lyngdal sliding doors, creative speakers, home depot wood and joints

Description: Found these Lyngdal doors in the AS-IS section in IKEA and decided to change the doors of my Pax wardrobe but when got home found out that they were the wrong height 🙁

Well, decided to do something with it and found that this space in the living room had almost the same dimensions.

Started by making a wood frame on the space to hold the doors.

When mounting the doors thought that they looked plain so I painted three of the glasses white on the back so they gave some contrast with the others and placed them alternating in the doors.

Then covered the sides with drywall and found some old computer speakers that wasn’t being used and mounted them in the walls.

On a piece of wood carved a docking station for the iPod touch and placed it underneath the main speaker.

P.S. On the corner where the iPod is located I’m planning to put 3 Lack shelves to put the bottles of the bar, will send pics when done.

~ Carlos, Boston