Pac-Man ghost lamp

Materials: MAGNESIUM spotlight system

Description: Turn your boring spotlight system into an awesome Pac-Man ghost lamp in just five simple steps!

1. Find plastic bottles in the right shape. That is actually the hardest part!
They should be cylindrical with a round top.

2. Cut the bottles. It is advisable to create a template for cutting to ensure that all ghost look more or less the same.

3. Paint the ghosts. Cover them with at least to layers of paint on both the in- and ouside.

4. Add eyes. Cut some white plastic, e.g. yoghurt cups for the eyes and some black plastic for the pupils. Put the pupils on the side of the eye to get the distinctive Pac-Man ghost look.

5. Put the ghosts on the lamp and mount it. It looks nicer if you don’t mount it the way it is intended, but let the lamps hang from cable.

Note that the MAGNESIUM comes with five spotlights, but you can safely use only four (or invent another ghost).

See more detailed instructions and more pictures of the Pac-Man ghost lamp.

~ Daniel Hepper, Cologne, Germany