Petit déjeuner sur l’herbe

Materials: Bekvam stepladder, decopatch paper, artificial turf, glue for decopatch, extra strong glue for artificial herb, varnish

Description: First I put green decorated decoupage paper on the stands of the ladder with decoupage glue. Covered stands with 3 layers of glue to make it stronger.

When the stands were completely dry, I’ve varnished them (that will save the ladder from being damaged too soon and gives it a beautiful shining).

– Afterwards I decorated only the sides of the 2 horizontal levels of the ladder also with decoupage paper with 3 layers of glue.

– Cut out the artificial grass with a stanley knife and putted on the 2 levels.

– Varnished the sides of the 2 levels

– Put together the Bekvam ladder like mentioned in the Ikea manual

~ back2, belgium