Rastasticly easy

Materials: Rast nightstands (x4), Rationell Variera

Description: With a little upside-down perspective and some museum putty, I managed to get a perfect fit out of 4 Rast nightstands.

While no great shakes technically (unless museum putty is a challenge), this mini-hack created desk-side storage that perfectly(!) fits my printer (with no wasted vertical space) and provides the perfect space for the Rationell Variera storage bins I just couldn’t pass up.

I started with 4 Rast nightstands already assembled and stacked in a regular 2-over-2 setup. It just wasn’t working. There just wasn’t any good use for the 3.5 inches of space between the floor and the bottom shelf.

So I upended the two bottom Rast stands, thus adding that 3.5 inches of space to the top of the stand. Then, when I placed the remaining two stands on top of the two on the bottom (“right” way up) … viola! An extra shelf with almost 7 inches of space – PERFECT for those new white plastic storage bins that weren’t fitting anywhere else.

For a little stability, I used museum putty between the bottom and top Rast rails.

Who knew that such a small change could make such a big difference?

~ Andrea Villa, San Diego, CA

Jules Yap