Bekvam Kitchen Cart Vanity

Materials: Bekvam Kitchen Cart (birch)

Description: So my wife needed a nest to raise our kids and we decided to head to the last place on earth we thought we would be living in. Oshawa, Canada.

Bought a 50’s bungalow and before you know it, the place started to fall apart. The first night in the house for example, the tiles surrounding the tub started popping off the walls after the shower was used.

That was 2 years ago, and recently the sink’s p-drain corroded and fell apart, forcing the inevitable renovation.

Anyways, I tried to keep the bathroom reno budget low while still making it look nice and contemporary.

For the vanity area I wanted a nice but cheap solution, but was looking at a minimum of $200 cdn for something really cheap, ugly and CHEAP.

Thankfully, not too long ago I discovered this blog, and it inspired me.

I grabbed a bekvam kitchen cart because it seemed very sturdy in the show room and appears to be made of solid pine and was a good size for what I needed. I cut the longer legs to match the height of the legs that the castors would have been mounted to. (I’ll use them later for something else.) With the pedestal sink on top, it works out to a pretty standard height for a vanity.

For the stain I just grabbed one of those cans of black stain lying around at IKEA which my wife applied to the loose parts(smells like deep fryer oil btw).

After it was dry, I assembled it and cut a hole in the table top for the sink drain and mounted the sink to the top with bath and kitchen silicone. I also needed to cut the middle top out of the top shelf to make room for the drain. This was only necessary though, I think, because I decided to not replace the copper pipe in the wall, which was for an older lower vanity.

I have debated screwing it to the floor, for added stability, but the weight of the “vanity” seems to be enough.

~ Todd McCullough, Oshawa, Canada