Body By Ikea – Stolmen 200

Materials: 2 Stolmen Poles, 10 Stolmen Mounting Fixture Sets, 2 Stolmen Shelves, 1 Stolmen Hook, 1 Tower 200

Description: The Tower 200 was a great purchase for us, as it is “a complete home workout”, and all you need is a door. The only problem was… we did not have a door to use. So we improvised.

In the basement, the ceiling is floating panels, so we removed two of the panels, and attached the poles; one to one of the floor joists, and the other to the floor above.

The next, most confusing step was to “configure” the mounting bracket sets, for each side of each shelf, we needed to use 2 1/2 sets.

Assembling the 2 sets around the pole, with one half of a set facing inward, so as to be able to attach the shelf sideways.

(**NOTE: Do not tighten the screws completely, as the poles are a pain to get to be completely straight, with the brackets and shelves, especially since you have 2 sets connected with another half set.)

After getting the brackets lined up, we attached the shelves sideways, face out (**Loosely) and lined them up to where the Tower 200 would be the right height.

After finding the correct height for the Tower 200, we attached the shelves to the sideways half of the brackets, and then tightened all of the brackets around the pole, making sure the shelves were level.

After doing this, it was as simple as putting the top of the Tower 200 over the top sideways shelf, and the bottom over the bottom. We put the Tower 200 door poster over the front of the shelves, to create a “workout wall” effect (Which is quite handy because it has the workouts on it)

***Optional – Hanger

We just attached a Stolmen hanger to the top right assembly, so as to have somewhere to hang the extra handles for the Tower 200.

Now it is time for the most difficult part… Actually starting to work out 😉

~ Chev and Anthony