Charging Station for $6+

Materials: SOLBRAND, NEDDA, cardboard, glue gun, scissors/razor blade, drill and drill bit, (Optional: KAPPLA surge protector)

Description: It was time to make a charging station (we have 3 cell phones and quite a few ipods…. don’t ask 🙂

Step 1: Using the larger serving bowl from the SOLBRAND set, place the bowl upside down and trace the perimeter on the cardboard. To compensate for the slope of inside the bowl, cut the traced cardboard a little more than ¼ inch inside what you traced (you might need to trim more later).

Step 2: I created a sturdy surface for the cardboard to sit on using some wood I had lying around. I hot glued them together and to the bottom of the bowl. You can use anything stackable to create a level surface for the cardboard to sit on. You could also glue things on the walls of the bowl to create a sitting surface. (Optional: if you want to have all your chargers in the bowl, make sure to leave space for them along with the KAPPLA surge protector).

Step 3: Trace the trimmed cardboard piece onto the NEDDA chair pad (I purchased the ‘no design’ version) and trim to fit. Once you are satisfied with the overall fit, make the area for the charger cords to fit through. I made a slit in the middle. On the cardboard side I cut out ½ inch by 1.5 inches.

Step 4: Hot glue the trimmed NEDDA to your cardboard. Glue a nice amount around your cardboard slot.

Step 5: I drilled a 1-1/4 inch hole on the side of the bowl for the cords to come out. (Optional: If you don’t use the KAPPLA surge protector in the bowl, run your chargers through the hole and use a RABALDER cable cover for a cleaner look.

I’d love to see various versions!

~ Jon T., D.C. metro area