Growing up table

Materials: Vika Artur trestle, Vika Amon table top

Description: My son, Oscar, is turning three I was thinking to get him a table so he have somewhere to sit and do his drawing. I went to a couple of stores to see what they had to offer but after a while I started to wonder how many tables I had to buy before I could get him a “big boy” table. Wandering around at the IKEA workspace department I saw the Vika Artur trestle and had an idea so I ended up buying four “legs” two Amon 23″ x 39″ and an Amon corner.
After a couple of day thinking and measuring I started by shortening the three upper parts 5″, or just so you get rid of the old holes, to fit with Vika Amon table top. To lower the legs, and to keep the right angles, I measured 18 1/8″ on each corner and cut them. Then I drilled a new hole, for the shelf, 2 1/5″ up. The shelf must be made smaller to fit, so the “end parts” have to be shortened 2 7/8″ and the “shelf planks” 6 11/16″.

The end result is one big table, or two small, that is adjustable from 20″ to 29″ and I don’t have to go shopping for tables any more.

~ Jonas Bergstrom, Stockholm, Sweden