Ikea Placemat Backsplash

Materials: 4 ikea placemats, glue stick, scissors

Description: I have just used some amazing Ikea placemats to cover my backsplash area behind my sink. They are metallic on one side and green and black polka-dots on the other.

1) I just cut them to fit the area behind my sink. I had to use almost 4 placemats because they are on the small size and I wanted the dots to line up.

2) With a repositional glue stick, glue them up, and press on them for about 30 seconds.

3) Now you have a unique backsplash that you can take down if necessary, or when you want to add a new one.

It looks really cool and keeps the area behind my sink clean. Placemats are inexpensive and often come in really nice patterns. You could use it behind the stove too.

~ jani Hayes, NJ