Ikea Rykene becomes fit for the Dauphin

Materials: Rykene Bedframe (Queen), MDF panels, Foam Rubber, Fabric, refinishing supplies, saw, stapler, spray adhesive, tools

Description: I knew I wanted an upholstered headboard, but didn’t want to pay a premium price. I found the Rykene perfect for the project. First, saw off the funky little points from the top rail, sand the edges smooth and throw out the metal vertical pieces and the middle horizontal support. Then sand everything else and refinish it in the stain of your choice, here it’s Colonial Teak.

Then, mount the MDF panels to the back of the headboard, marking the interior lines for mounting the foam. Remove the MDF panels and spray them with adhesive and stick the foam rubber panels on, then upholster tightly by stapling the fabric around the edges, folding the corners neatly. You will find holes left over on the side rails, from which the horizontal rails were supposed to be mounted.

Rather than filling them with little wooden plugs, available at the hardware store, I decided to mount drawer pulls with the look of nautical cleats – just in case anything should need to be tied up there – ahoy! With the holes filled in the manner of your choice, fit the upholstered panels into the frames and secure around the edges with screws, then assemble the bed more or less according to instructions, aside from the obvious omissions. Much more comfy for sitting up and reading in bed, and easy enough to change when my mood does.

~ DC Powers, Amsterdam