Mirror, mirror Malma on the wall

Materials: Malma x 32, 4 cm wide double sided carpet tape, tape measure, carpenter’s square, spirit level, marker

Description: In the dining room of our new apartment we had a very special decorating challenge. On the back wall (facing the whole living area) was a large 1970s smoked glass mirror. And it was glued to the wall. Now I realize that in some context this might be cool, but it just really wasn’t working for us. In fact we hated it. But not to worry, we had plenty of inspiration from the Internet, and in no time we had come up with a perfect solution.

On one of our many Ikea visits we purchased 32 Malma mirrors (red finish), after carefully sorting and selecting the nicest ones. We also bought one or two spares just in case.

The most important part of this hack was the careful measuring and placement of the Malmas. We started from the center of the old mirror and worked our way out, much in the way you would place tiles. The mirrors were attached directly onto the old mirror with several generous strips of carpet tape each. We haven’t had any problems with the tape holding, non of the mirrors have moved a bit. The Malmas overlap over the edges of the old mirror by just a bit all the way around.

In spite of being a simple hack, this has become one of the most commented-on features in our home. It has created a striking feature wall, while at the same time reflecting light into the back of the apartment.

~ marikorose, Athens, Greece