This Lack (Shelving) TV unit doesn’t LACK Creativity!

Materials: LACK Shelving Unit, Capita Legs, Ekby Viktor Shelf

– Lack Shelving Unit (White) – 1 each – $59.99 (discontinued in USA)
– Capita Legs 6″ Long – 6 each – $24.00 (price for 8 each)
– Ekby Viktor Shelf (Red) – 1 each – $ 5.99
– 1/8″ thick White Panel Board – 1 each – $12.98 (Home Depot)
– White Nails – 1 box – $5.98 (Home Depot)
– Virtu Black Contact Paper 24′ x 18″ – $13.99 (Amazon)

– Kassett Box (Green) – 1 each – $5.99 (price for set of 2)
– Kassett Box (Orange) – 1 each – $5.99 (price for set of 2)
– Byholma Basket (Gray) – 2 each – $6.99/each
– Branas Basket (Rattan) – 2 each – $9.99/each

Step by Step Instructions:
1. Installed Lack shelving unit minus the center block since the Blu-ray player won’t fit with installing the center block of the unit.
2. Cut the white board to fit the size of the lack shelving unit and placed contact paper on both sides (the white and the dark brown side).
3. Made holes in each compartment on the white board for wires to go through (as seen in the pictures).
4. Installed 6 – 6″ capita legs in the bottom of the Lack shelving Unit (see attached picture)
5. Installed White Board with Contact Paper on the back to of Lack Unit with White Nails.
6. Installed 4 – 4″ capita legs in the bottom of the Ekby Viktor Shelf and placed it in the center. The reason I used capita legs instead of making a box out of ekby shelf to allow for the heat transfer from AV units plus I like how they match with the actual legs.
7. Placed all the AV units and used holes made in the White board for wiring of the AV units and placed all the accessories.

I am pretty happy with the results and the extra holes you see in the pictures behind the Kassett boxes are for dioder light strip I am planning on installing on a later date. Just had a house warming party and friends were impressed with how it turned out even the friends who are ikea hack nuts!

~ Tesh, Jersey City, NJ, USA