Turn a vase into a lamp

Materials: Gurkort, Dioder, meter, marking pen

Description: This easy hack provides a great effect.
You need just a Gorkort white vase and a Dioder strip. First step : with a metering strip, track on the vase surface a spiral of m.1,00 following your taste. Be creative.

Second step : unwrap dioder, take the LED strip, pull cm.30 of paper then adhere the strip on the cleaned inner surface of Gurkort ; the end of strip must coincide with the bottom of the vase. Continue until end of strip. The self-adhesive is very strong, do this step with attention, to reposition wouldn’t be easy.
The result should be like the 2nd photo.

Third step : plug the dioder following the instructions, then switch on. You can vary the color by rotating the potentiometer properly. Stay creative and enjoy !

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~ Stefano Blanca, Spain