Cork Mat Knife Block

Materials: 2 packages of Heat, utility knife, wood glue

Description: We wanted a knife block. We only have three knives, but we keep them sharp and we like them. Thought they needed some love and protection. Most knife blocks have lots of space for knives (go figure) and cost a lot of money. So, our answer was Heat.

Two sets purchased, three mats in each set, gave us a nice deep stack of 6 cork mats. On one mat, we traced our knives for length, and then cut out U-shapes to suit. It took a bit of debate to decide how angled we wanted our knives to sit. But he with the utility knife wins the day. So he then added appropriately placed slits to the middle three mats.

I made sure to mark the edge of all mats, to make it easier to line them up. We left the bottom two mats without any cuts so that they could act as the anchoring base. Then, using wood glue, he stuck the mats together.
Presto. Our knife block.

~ Katie and Mike, Edinburgh